Expected results

The project proposal is designed so as to achieve 3 results during the project implementation and on its completion. As for the “how to reach” these results and “how to measure” the achievement of the results themselves, we will better detail this part later on when it comes the “G” section of this proposal.

First result
It will be to having students with migrant background more involved in the education process by made them have the power to influence the decision about their education.

Second result
It will make busy migrant parents, especially those coming from disadvantaged contexts and countries, having a more proactive attitude so that can help the education performance of their children.

Last result
To be achieved, which is also the one who mostly answer to the organizations’ needs, is to have provided teachers (in schools) and trainers/youth workers (in training and youth centers) with a more mixed teaching/training approach to students with migrant background.

The achievement of these results will then bring to achieve the specific objective of this project proposal that consist in having developed 1 tool that is an Integrated Holistic Approach to a validated European Tool (IHAVET).




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