Training added value to the achievement of the project objectives. Before describing why,we have decided to have also a short-term training event, it can be useful to quickly recall which are the project objectives.

As it can be seen in part E right at the beginning of this proposal, IHAVET aims to contribute to having youth with migrant background education high dropout rate reduced. As said elsewhere, we are perfectly aware this is a general objective of the project and is out of reach with the implementation of this single project. But there is the place where we want to impact in the long run.

Coming to the specific objective of this project proposal, we aim at having developed an integrated holistic approach validated Europeantoolkit that supports students with migrant background, parents and teachers/trainers/youth workers, according to the roles and responsibilities each of these target groups can have, towards the problem of education high dropping out rate of youth with migrant background.

From this point of view, the training will help us in test the toolkit by training the participants; participants can be either those have already been involved in the different project phases or some new participants.

What matters is to test the toolkit. Besides, we think also that training will helps us in achieving the 3 results of the project because as for the first result (having students with migrant background more involved in the education process by made them having the power to influence the decision about their education) we are sure that students that will participate to the training, the aim of which is to develop a tool that will get in consideration their opinions, will feel themselves involved in the process.

The same can be said also for the second result (making busy migrant parents, especially those coming from disadvantaged contexts and countries, having a more proactive attitude so that can help the education performance of their children) since, also in this case, will force parents to be more proactive by participating to the training.

Finally, the third result of the project (having provided teachers (in schools) and 15trainers/youth workers (in training and youth centers) with a more mixed teaching/training approach to students with migrant background) is the focus of the training.